The Final Years 1931 - 1932



By April he had received a new Fresco commission in Meersburg which provided work.

This was followed by work in Villingen, where the catholic chapel in the local hospital requested four alcove frescos. He painted these and in addition an altar painting and finally the figure of christ in the protestant chapel.

Despite his physical deterioration he painted several more landscapes of the Black Forest and Lake Constance.

Not surprisingly another angina attack overcame him and his condition became serious. Medical intervention helped him survive and he completed his recovery with an operation to remove his tonsels.

To complete his recovery a group of friends got together and afforded him a trip to Sanary in the south of France. He cherished this vacation which helped him make a rapid recovery. So much so, he returned with a large new portfolio of work.They included drawings and water colours and were sold quickly and well. Records show two unsold water colours that have been lost.


Not surprisingly his work in religious circles intensived his interest, even more than in an earlier period around 1922 -25 when his subject included many biblical themes.

He now painted a 'Madonna', 'Golgatha' and a 'Christus', which he donated to the nurses in his Villingen hospital. After his death the nurses returned the paintings to his children.

There was more, he designed the cloaks and tinkets of the chapel to give the whole building a unified look.

He started a collection of a new exhibition organised by Der Kreis which was going to open in April. Incredibly, he was considering to accept a position as Professor of Fresco studies by the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich which was going to start in the summer of 1932. This was never realised. Despite his latest operation the medical staff could not stabilise his condition. He returned to hospital in Villingen just after Easter to receive further treatment by passed away on 4th April 1932.

He was buried in the cemetry in Villingen.

His widow, Maria died on 9th November 1970 in Villingen.


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