Early Years 1892 - 1915


1892 - Waldemar Otto Flaig was born on 27.1.1892 in Villingen, Rietstrasse 18, the son of Master Glazier August Flaig and his wife Wilhelmine, nee. Schärtle.

He had an older brother Fritz, a Master Glazier himself in Villingen and a sister Hedwig, who married Pius Lipp.


1906-07 - A few years after the early death of her husband his mother re-married the Fine Art and decorative painter Albert Säger, also an inhabitant of Villingen.


1909 - He began an art education with the aim to become a Fine Art painter. He studied at the Kunst- und Gewerbeschule Karlruhe, but he left after just one year on the advice of his step-father, who recognised early the artistic talent of the prodigy. He joined Albert Säger to learn his art and he completed his apprenticeship with him. Only a few early works from this time have survived.


1911-1913 - Waldemar Flaig continued his studies at the Art Academy in Munich learning under Prof. Gröber and Walter Thor. Apart from several works his parents were indulged with post cards depicting increasingly creative variations demonstrating the rapid disappearance of his stipend.


1913-1914 - In order to complete his studies he moved to Rom and Florence. Several smaller pieces of work and drawings exists. He wrote an enthusiastic sequence of letter describing his italian experience in the run up to World War I.


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